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An Unholy Affair – Taxi Violence video shoot – Behind the scenes with Boomfm¬†went behind the scenes on Taxi Violence’s new music video “Unholy ” with first time music video director Jason Failkov. It not only features the band but stars the internationally known model and actress (Crazy Monkey’s Straight out of Benoni), Tanit Phoenix, and to say it might be racy is an understatement…over and over… If only all music videos could be this awesome.

Check out the full video


Not you average game trailer: Need for Speed

need for speed - hot pursuit - 04

When computer gaming was in it infancy, who would have thought that gaming trailers would have evolved sofar? In a project that must have cost more than even the most expensive commercials, EA splashed out with two really hot cars, a helicopter, and some really cool gear. The gear helped shoot this trailer and gives it that awesome high frame rate HD feal, namely the Cineflex & Arri Alexa.

Couple all these elements with a great soundtrack, and you have a cinematic dream, one where the goal of the project is almost blurred, by focusing rather on the footage as an art form than as means to and end.

One in a long line for the Need for Speed franchise, if the game graphics look anything like this footage, it will be game of decade for sure. or not.

Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit – Trailer from runimation studios on Vimeo.

Trike Drifting – With no shoes



This one has been passed around for the last few days, but we thought we’d bring it to you anyway. So the skinny is, these guys modify their trikes, and put wide, slippery back wheels on, get towed, and then drift-drift-drift. In short a YouTube video that is far bettter than any of the Fast and The Furious movies, especially “Tokyo Joke”.

What a bafok way to spend the afternoon, especially when you do it without shoes…